A Son’s Love

Good Bye, Lenin! Was the most straight forward movie we have seen in class so far. It had no plot twists or hidden meaning within it. It was just about a son doing what he thought was best for his mother. The straight forwardness of the film made it quite refreshing considering the usual movies we see in class.

The movie begins with Christiane, a member of the Socialist Unity Party in East Germany, entering a coma when she sees her son, Alex, being arrested for joining a protest. While, she was a sleep many things happened. Notably, the breaking of the Berlin wall and the unification of both East and West Germany. After eight months in a coma, Christiane wakes up, but the doctors tell Alex that any shock might cause her to have another stroke. However, with the breaking of the Berlin wall and capitalism entering East Germany, the country Christiane knew when she was awake had been completely changed. Scared that the changes that happened in the country might cause his mother to have a stroke, Alex brings his mother home and recreates everything about East Germany to stop her from discovering what has happened.  

The filial love Alex showed for his mother was quite touching. As a son who greatly loves his mother, I could imagine myself going to great lengths to keep my own mother alive. Even if it meant making her believe that time had never changed. However, although we always believe that what we are doing is for the best for the person we love, sometimes what we do is actually wrong. We can see later on in the film that Alex’s mom wasn’t as loyal to East Germany as Alex though she was. In fact, she wanted to leave East Germany when Alex and his sister were younger but was just afraid to lose her children if she failed. It might have been healthier for his mother if Alex actually told her the truth. Although, we can never say for sure.

These basic emotions such as a mother’s love for her children and child’s love for his mother is what made the film quite enjoyable for me. I was able to identify with the characters and put myself in their positions. They were made relatable and made me think about what I would have done if I was placed in their shoes. As the film progressed and more information was given on the family, I found myself being even more engrossed in their story and putting myself in their position.

Overall, Good Bye, Lenin! was an enjoyable film that was able to play with my emotions. It made think of my responsibility as a son and to what extent I would go for my parents. In addition, it made see how the truths we have always known might actually be different.

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