‘Blair Witch Project’ in fur

“Destiny is a gift. Some go their entire lives, living existence as a quiet desperation. Never learning the truth that what feels as though a burden pushing down upon our shoulders, is actually, a sense of purpose that lifts us to greater heights. Never forget that fear is but the precursor to valour, that to strive and triumph in the face of fear, is what is means to be a hero. Don’t think, Master Jim. Become!”

All I knew were the monsters under my bed. Maybe, they weren’t so bad after all. Trollhunter (2010) is a mock documentary by Andre Ovredal that was horrific but humorous in its own charming way. Perhaps, widely categorized and labeled as a supernatural horror film, that took a dig and a shot at Nordic humor and allowed a monstrous story line to unfold and develop. In true Blair Witch Project style, footage was found that aimed to pursue the honest truth about trolls and if they are legitimately for real or not. Tracking and following the daily life of woodsman Hans, the team of students end up coming face to face with a creature that was unexpected. Norwegian stories and folklore have been talking about the existence of these beastly trolls, and there it was: their confirmation of its existence.

Honestly, while I was watching the film, I thought that it felt like it was dragging for far too long, especially during the earlier parts of the film. I was impatiently expecting something big, exciting, and thrilling from a monster film, and it really did take quite a while for me to be able to relax, sit back, and enjoy what was about to come. However, when the story started rolling in and focusing on the government conspiracies and, of course, all the monster scenes, I found myself enjoying it better. It’s also helpful to point out that this may be interesting as a lot of people nowadays are heavily invested in uncovering conspiracy theories and trying to discover the dark secrets of our high authorities like the government and the Church, so this film may, perhaps, be interesting to a lot of people who may end up stumbling upon it. Admittedly, I am not a big beastly creature fan myself, although the film Trollhunter may have presented the genre to me in a new light. Who goes into a troll hunting business anyway? I, however, have always been interested in old history culture and how certain groups and communities from different geographical locations have certain folklores, stories, and mythical creatures under their belt, and to see that element in the film was fascinating. Imagine if Philippine cinema invested in our rich, abundant collections of stories created back in the day? Our fantasy films would be so much more interesting! It would feel very personal and at the same time, would educate us about the rich history of our culture and heritage. Perhaps, that remains another thought for the future. Keeping my fingers crossed, though.

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