Heavy Metal?

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At first glance, comedy and heavy metal seem to be a strange combination. How would you expect something intense and powerful to be comical? I can’t really imagine these men with long hair and face paint to be laughter-inducing. To my surprise, that is what Juuso Laatio and Jukka Vidgren did with their spoof entitled Heavy Trip. I consider it a feel-good movie just because of the good vibes and laughter that it brings. Despite the language barrier and difference in cultures, I was still able to appreciate the humor of this film. It made a lot of references that heavy metal fans would particularly enjoy but its comedic factor is something to be cherished by the wider audience. It may even teach a thing or two to the audience about the stigma that is attached to Heavy Metal. The characters in the film are being discriminated for being different. But then, you get to see how these Heavy Metal artists live a “normal” life after all and are capable of getting involved in wacky and goofy circumstances. They have their own dreams as well as seen in their pursuit of the chance to play in the music festival in Norway. The film bears similarities with other comedy movies about bands and their journey to stardom. In watching Heavy Trip, I was reminded of School of Rock and Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny. The characters are actually comical in themselves given their own backstories and complexities. Their collective naivety also adds to what makes them lovable. They may be facing their own troubles and misfortunes but as a viewer, you do know that they will eventually figure things out. That is the reason why you can just relax and enjoy the show for the entirety of the movie as they “make a fool” out of themselves. Whether or not they reach success in the end, the journey that they went through as a band is what really matters more. As a viewer, the film makes you feel as if you’re part of their adventures and ups and downs. It is thrilling yet fun rollercoaster ride. 

I am really into comedy films just for the laughs and the good vibes. Heavy Trip was totally unexpected and it certainly did not disappoint. It serves as a proof that comedy can still cut through cultural differences especially if it pertains to popular culture references. The filmmakers certainly did not restrain themselves from stretching that humor that was presented in the film. They were able to maximize their potential without offending too much. The brilliantly-written script just goes to show the directors’ knack for jokes. Their timing proved to be perfectly fitting as well for the different scenes of the film. I may not fully understand the language but the subtitles, body language, and tone proved to be sufficient in retaining the comedic factor of Heavy Trip. I would not mind watching this movie over and over again and I would certainly try watching European films that are similar to this one. 

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