Of hair flips and leather pants

There is a lot of hair going on in this film. I may or may not be overdoing this, but I must say: “Heavy Trip” has become appealing to me because of the unique charms of every man in the band and all the hair flipping.

Contrary to its title, heavy trip has taken me to places my imagination could only aspire to reach. The movie was campy but comic in a hearty way. The relationships showcased in the film were fragile, familiar and relatable, so much so that I just wanted nothing but the best for the main characters [the Impaled Rektum]. They were rockstars, yes, but their characters seemed innocent, passionate and so loving (contrary to their dark, leather clad looks) that as a viewer, you just wish they have a happy ending.

I must say, Laation and Vidgren have made good choices when it comes to comic timing and pop culture references. A particular moment that shone for me was that point where they came out of the water to find people ‘hanged’ on crosses. It was an exciting time during the film because you never really know if it’s true and what is about to happen. I never expected it to be this funny for a Finnish film, especially because I have never seen one, but “Heavy Trip” has this capacity to lift your spirits up. It talks, at least for me, of how the dreams you dream to achieve may not always come in the form you wanted it to take on but it will take form if you work to achieve it, and that’s all that matters.

The film was also eye candy to me. At certain points, like that time when Turo was on his bike and the camera would focus on him, it’s as if I am watching a video to some slow romantic theme and he is about to burst into song. This kind of minute attention to detail had me reeled in. And of course the long hair did the magic!

I also want to express my appreciation on how the film touched on sensitive areas of discussion like discrimination based on looks, origin or mental condition, as well as loyalty, love, and above all friendship. I could not have chosen a more fitting way to end the semester. In the end, “Heavy Trip” has become one of those films I think would be great to show to younger audiences to raise their hopes on their dreams, while keeping them hooked and eager to see what’s about to happen. That said, I will definitely watch this film again when I have time.

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