I really thought A Woman is a Woman is a weird film to begin with but after seeing Persona by Ingmar Bergman, I realized that European Film can still get a lot more strange. The very beginning of Persona is rather disturbing as it shows a montage of images that are quite unrelated to one another. Up until now, I still cannot figure out what those images actually meant in relation to the film. It gave an eerie vibe that lasted throughout the film and supplemented the black and white colors.

In the film, our protagonists were put into a position wherein they had no choice but to be intimate to one another. Elisabet is a renowned stage actress who is spending time in a psychiatric facility because she suffered psychological breakdown. Alma is the nurse that was assigned to Elisabet. The doctor decides to lend her summer vacation house to Elisabet for the entire duration of her recovery and Alma was to accompany her. With this, Alma had to trust and confide to Elisabet eventually. Things started to take unexpected turns from this point onwards as some of the events that would follow would not make any logical sense. The two got increasingly close with each other and even got themselves into a drama. Their fascination with one another led them to create a deep emotional connection. They may be two different individuals but with the time spent with one another, they are almost merged into one persona. This was reinforced by Bergman’s act of composing a close up which connects half of Alma’s face to half of Elisabet’s face. They were shown to be eerily similar to one another.

I am yet to appreciate the elements that are present in this film. I had a hard time trying to grasp what is really happening because of the illogical instances that would suddenly interrupt the storyline. It might be Bergman’s way of adding artistic value to the film but I think I might need to watch Persona again in order to appreciate them. With this, I honestly am not too fond of how the movie turned out. I am not a big fan of the genre that was covered by Persona but it was a film that was worth seeing and learning.

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