Things never change

Timecrimes is a film which starts with the main character, Hector, being chased by a killer to a lab somewhere in a forest. He meets a researcher in the lab who helps him escape the killer by letting him enter a pod. However, in reality, the pod Hector entered into was a time machine which sends him a few hours back into the past. As he tries to discover how to fix his predicament, he realizes that he was the killer chasing himself all along and that the events which led him to the lab was all his doing. Although he tries to change the past, he merely repeats the events. In the process, however, a girl is killed which makes Hector feel guilty. In order to prevent this tragedy, he travels in time once again, but he realizes everything is futile since the events will always repeat themselves. In fact, the actions of his first time travel happened because of his actions in his second time travel.

This paradox of something happening because he went back in time left me wondering throughout the film. Wondering what he could have done otherwise to fix his situation to a better one or whether the other Hector’s are also doomed to repeat the same cycle endlessly. This was perhaps one of the best parts of the movie, it kept the audience engaged. Rather than trying to explain the rules of time travel in the world of Hector, it left it to the viewers imagination. This kept me focused on the screen to try to discover what other thing I may have missed in order to try to consider what Oscar could have done to fix his situation. If I were in Oscar’s shoes, I would have probably tried everything to fix my mistakes to make sure that they don’t that my mistakes don’t haunt me in my timeline.

Considering that it was a budget film, Timecrimes was able to make do with the resources it had on hand and made a fantastic film. Although I wouldn’t consider it the best film we have seen in class so far, the plot of the movie was still intriguing and kept my attention. This was especially so for the beginning when I thought the film to be a horror movie due to how it started out. Also considering the cover of the film was Hector wrapped in bandages and looking like a serial killer. The sudden shift to that of time travel movie and trying to figure out the puzzle of what is actually happening helped keep my intrigue throughout the film. And although I wouldn’t say the acting was superb, the actors were still able to do their parts well enough which contributed to my immersion of the film.

Overall, Timecrimes was a fun film to watch. If I have friends or family interested in watching European film, I would recommend this movie to them since it was easy to watch (when compared to what we have seen in class so far), but still had a way which made it different from most Hollywood films.

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