Trollhunter is a film directed by André Øvredal is a documentary about the Norwegian folklore about trolls. The film initially started with three college students who were researching about bears, but as they were trying to interview, Hans who they thought was a hunter for bears. It turns out that this character was the one who gets rid of the trolls through multiple ways. I personally think that the CGI effects that they used from the trolls were okay, there were some parts that their depiction of the trolls seemed to be real. Although, there were some scenes that was obvious for me that they made use of these special effects. The other factual data that they have provided about the trolls made it all seem legitimate. They even tries to assess the blood of a troll in an actual laboratory.

However, films inspired from fantasy and sci-fi genres sometimes makes a person question what is real or not. Though, I found it odd how Hans had to ask if anyone of them were Christian. The way I perceived this is that it was some sort of lowkey discrimination going on. That put me off a bit from the film because the way I understood is that just because you’re Christian — you bring trouble or your most likely to get killed.  

Since this documentary mainly involved hunting down trolls, I think part of their efforts in making the film believable is to produce made up information about the research on how to dispatch each different troll and even edit videos of politicians (at the last segment of the film) that would support or convince the viewers that this happened in real life. Their efforts in making the film look like a real documentary made it believable when the necessary shots that involved running around the forest were placed in the perspective of the cameraman. Generally, this was a film genre that I normally would not watch on my leisure time. The movie itself was hard enough to relate with, which is why I did not find it as entertaining as I thought it would be.  

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