Heavy Trip by Juuso Laatio and Jukka Vidgren

“Other guys can play hockey and drive around chasing pussy. We play metal.” Turo narrates to the audience as his band plays hard core metal in the basement of one of his band mates. I’m pretty sure that describes a whole lot of the movie from just that line in the beginning. Heavy Trip is a great film that had me laughing and having a whole new respect for heavy metal bands (but something I still would not listen to in my free time however).

Seen as homosexuals, hippies, or even drug pushers by some, Turo Lotvonen, Pasi, and Jynkky are so much more than that. They go beyond the stereotypes of who they are physically, a heavy metal band whose members have long hair that has not taken a shower in x amount of days. Their story of going from a bunch of amateur musicians playing “symphonic, post-apocalyptic, reindeer-grinding, Christ-abusing, extreme war pagan, Fennoscandian metal” in a basement above a reindeer slaughter farm to going on an adventure with a mental institution patient that they busted out and a dug up coffin of a dead body (spoiler: it was Jynkky’s) to play at a Norwegian music festival as a band named “Impaled Rektum”. Going beyond all the crazy events and funny mishaps that the band goes through (such examples being Turo wrestling an animal, maybe a possum? in a local zoo or him having intense stage fright that leads to some very violent puking) the movie has a whole lot of heart and gives a win for the underdogs. The protagonists have a whole lot of passion and love for what they do even with people judging them and only seeing them negatively. What’s so wrong if their ‘thing’ just so happens to be playing heavy metal music? They are proud and free enough to do what they want and chase after their dreams no matter what obstacles stood in their way, sticking it to The Man and also for Turo’s case, getting the girl. In the end although they did get arrested just as Turo said, it is not the end of their band, ending the movie with a sense of hope for the future of Impaled Rektum.

I really enjoyed this move. It was really funny and light hearted compared to the intense and deep plots that our previous movies had. In a sense there was not anything ‘heavy’ about the movie at all except for the music itself. The plot was nothing but light, enjoyable, and easy to follow. The kind of comedy that although slapstick and kind of crazy it still made sense for the characters to follow through with it. It kind of reminded me of the movie “Almost Famous” that it also followed a somewhat up and coming rock band (but in the eyes of a teenage journalist who became their somewhat groupie). Over all I give this movie two thumbs up and would highly recommend even if you were not a heavy metal enthusiast.

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