Holy Motors

I knew Holy Motors was an unconventional film at first sight. The beginning scene was somewhat disturbing, however, the film was mind-boggling enough to keep my attention. The film was nothing short of extravagant. Its charm lied within the grand details that were dream-like, and yet these stories were portrayed to be different versions of an individual’s reality. It’s as though the director directly drew inspiration from his imagination, and strung all of his ideas together to create a film. Although there was no clear plot for the movie, I would still consider it as a masterpiece. It was imaginative, unique, and daring. Watching the film was a different experience, however I think that the story-telling style used in the creation of the movie would not cater to the masses. Holy Motors is a film of acquired, and sophisticated taste. Although I consider films as a medium of art, I believe that this movie is the very definition of abstract.

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