From its namesake, one can only assume that the film will dabble on time travel. Although many directors have ventured into this genre in the past, what I believe differs Timecrimes from the mainstream time travel movies that I’ve watched is that its protagonist does not travel back many years into the past, however it takes him 90 minutes before the incident he so-recently experienced. As a moviegoer, I normally trace back the steps of the protagonist to paradoxically be a step ahead of the movie. I have the tendency to build up theories in my head of which particular moment resulted to the present.  However, what “Timecrimes” put emphasis on is that every moment, and detail leading up to the present is significant. Therefore, a change in any of these could result in various outcomes. Indeed there were scenes that were predictable, but the film was able to add some twists and turns that still managed to surprise me. “Timecrimes” is a film that reminds its audience of the simple principle of cause and effect.

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