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I loved Clouds of Sils Maria. It was as sad as it was mysterious. Undoubtably a more complex story, especially after viewing Heavy Trip. I was most surprised to see that Kirsten Stewart was in it, even more so with Chloe Grace Moretz.

From an analysis i wrote myself about the cinematic elements I observed this. Beyond plot and characterization, we should take into consideration the cinematic elements of this film. Sound is utilized in film to establish a mood, give a sense of location, advance the plot, and highlight character mannerisms. In Clouds of Sils Maria, majority of the songs are older, classical music. This sets the dramatic, mysterious atmosphere of the whole film. It creates a serious tone that keeps the audience’s attention into the plot. Another important aspect of the cinematic process are not only the sounds, but camera shots and their angles. This films makes use…

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