The Edukators (2004)

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The Edukators was the least cinematically impressive film. The characters were quite unlikeable, had agro-rebellious personalities, and missed the mark for effective political statements. It begins with three struggling young adults. They have high regaurd for their mentalities and used it to justify breaking and entering the home of someone who was causing an inconvenience in the girls life. On top of that, she was cheating on her boyfriend with his best friend. It comes into question how morality might play into their lives. They look down upon elitest, wealthy political figures. However, by doing that they are putting themselves on a pedestal. They believe that they’re better than these people and who they represent. These anti-capitalists youths simply are causing trouble because they do not fit into society. Instead of using their disagreement for a creative, beautiful message, they simply disturb lives. So annoying!

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