Timecrimes is a sci-fi film by Nacho Vigalondo. It centers around Hector, a man who finds himself in a timeloop with different versions of himself running around their small setting.

This film felt very mainstream psychological horror to me, as it used the usual tropes of the genre in a typical way. They brilliantly used time-travel in a way that it was easy to understand and it did not hinder the plot. The time-travel plot left no plot holes as there were no hanging plot devices like another version of the main character left unchecked.

I love the way the plot unfolded because it shows how the main character’s problem got bigger as he kept travelling back. The character was wiser than he seems, as he solved his problems in peculiar ways.

This film is one of the films that I enjoyed in class, and I would recommend this to people who enjoy sci-fi movies.

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