Trollhunters (2010)

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This actually reminded me of a cartoon series on Netflix called Hilda. They have parallel Norwegian mythology on trolls. All previous knowledge I had was based off of this cartoon and I was actually excited to see how they both interpreted and applied these myths. In the cartoon, trolls were misunderstood creatures that were aggravated by humans bothering them. Their weakness was light as well and they turned to stone as well when directly exposed. Troll hunters really displayed trolls as monsters, although there was compassion as shown through the vet, and they mentioned that the trolls were simply acting out of sickness (rabies).

Although clearly CGI, I’d say that the film felt pretty authentic. Although I’m not sure if students would really go that far to pursue their passion project, It seemed very genuine, especially in how the students immaturely reacted. I was even sad to lose the Christian…

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