Volver is a 2006 drama film by Pedro Almadovar. It revolves around a family and their problematic pasts and present.

This film felt like a spanish teleserye for me as it had so many twists and turns. First, the kid kills (in self-defense) the dad, who isn’t really his dad. (:O) And then the mom’s mom, who supposedly died in a fire is ALIVE. (:O) And then the mom’s sister is apparently also her CHILD bc her dad was a sexual abuser (:O) and their sick neighbor’s mother was having an affair with the mom’s dad and that’s who died in the fire. (:O) I totally get how spanish teleseryes influenced Philippine TV after this film.

The film was nicely structured, although it was pretty long because of a lot of dialogue. But it kept me interested enough to pay attention. The twists definitely helped me keep track of what was happening.

I would recommend this film to people who enjoy teleseryes and films with a lot of dialogue.

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