Review on L’avventura

L’avventura, or The Adventure in English, discusses in its extensive runtime the disappearance and search that ensues in search of Anna. However, as if to trick moviegoers, L’avventura completely lacks a sense of excitement and rush one would expect from a film entitled the adventure. For majority of the film, we are placed at the mercy of Anna, Sandro, and their other wealthy friends who continuously go on and on about their rich problems. It is worth mentioning though that despite the black and white treatment of the film, the Mediterranean setting in the film is still beautiful to take in. Perhaps, rather than presenting a compelling narrative that one would assumed to discuss the main conflict L’avventura opted to focus on constructing its shots to fully convey the kind of reality wealthy individuals operate in.

To the dismay of many, the initial distress caused by the disappearance of Anna soon dissolves into nothing. Even Sandro, the partner of Anna, begins to immediately show interest to Claudia, who is one of her friends, despite of Anna’s disappearance being still fresh. What becomes apparent throughout the film from this point onwards is how elaborately discussed the kind of lifestyle that the wealthy possess. Seemingly typical just like how the characters in The Great Gatsby are said to easily swap partners from time to time during their outrageous parties, two of the people dearest to Anna begin dating and soon forget that she is even missing. The focus then shifts to the somewhat boresome game that Claudia and Sandro play with each other, either one not willing to give into the other’s desires so easily. Soon enough, it is revealed that Claudia is the one who is the being played by Sandro. At one point of the film, both parties have finally agreed that they are to be each others lovers (while still ignoring the fact that Anna has not returned) but Sandro still sleeps with a prostitute.

Put simply, L’avventura featured all the traits that one would assume the rich would have. Their aloofness from the realities of life and even from their immediate reality blinds them into a habit of extreme self-indulgence. Love and other formalities stand no chance in the face of individuals similar to Sandro and Claudia, for their privilege allows them put their self-interests come first.

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