Review on Trollhunter

Perhaps one of the best things regarding Europe as a whole is the diversity of culture it has. Comprising of numerous countries with their respective cultural subtleties, each region has their own lore that they can share towards a wider audience. This is exactly what can be seen in Trollhunters as the film focuses mainly on finding out whether the trolls of fantastical, childhood stories can actually be found throughout Norway. Personally, I believe that the reverence cultures have for their respective mythological creatures is a universal experience. With this in mind, Trollhunters was able to completely utilize this in an exciting yet appropriately themed adventure in pursuit of the trolls of legend across Norway.

The style that the film was shot in was in a found footage style which created a sort of cinematic experience that felt as if the audience was along with the crew as the material was being shot. Aside from this, there is also the clear focus of the film on distinctly Norwegian characteristics that further bolstered the tone overall. Being a film about trolls in Norway, I believe that the meticulousness behind this is much appreciated. All throughout the film, the audience feels a pervasive coldness that makes the individuals in the film be characterized accordingly. There are moments of excitement or other intense emotions, but in a comparative sense, these are much toned down especially given the fact that they are face-to-face with the mythological creatures in majority of the scenes.

Another touch that helped the film become more memorable is the addition of Hans, who was soon revealed to be a troll hunter hired by the government. In the face of the unknown, he acted as their sole connection to a world that was previously unimaginable. Hans’s gruff exterior soon gave way as he developed a relationship with the college students, who can also be said to be the main protagonists of the film, who documented his exploits.

Although the entire film can be said to have quite the cold demeanor similar to the climate in Norway, there were still moments that gave way to warmth. Such instances would be the comedic moments between Hans and the students. One of the more memorable scenes in the film is where Hans cautioned the group about the appetite of trolls for devout Christians. Religion jokes are always a sure-hit but what made it more effective was the serious manner in which Hans delivered this fact which left both the students and the audience questioning whether he was serious or not.

Despite of going with the trend of having a documentary style film, what distinguishes Trollhunters is how it did not utilize it excessively. The stayed true to the style by having the prerequisite messy shots but not obsess on it. The film did not bank merely on its style of shooting but instead was able to relay an interesting narrative that was able to bring to life a mythical creature believed only to exist in fairy tales.

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