Suspiria (2018) by Luca Guadagnino

Having watched the original Suspiria from the 70s I have already had an understanding of the plot of the movie. Witches and dancing. But after watching the original there was something that I found lacking, the dancing itself. The original was great as it was very nice with so much vivid colors in the setting and how it was edited which was very different from how the remake was, very gritty and neutral colors were used. But what I loved about the remake was all the dancing. How the choreography was used as some sort of witch spell that was used to control, as a weapon. Such as in the scene of Susie dancing which was cut with Olga having her body crushed and distorted by some mystical force (one of my favorite scenes) was so organic and beautifully made and shot. What I liked about the movie as well was how there were random zoom shots that made the scene more eerie and confusing. The dream sequences that were split with random images of hair clogged toilets, bloody faces, and weird colorful wispy clouds that hovered over Susie.

This movie was AMAZING. The kind of horror that lingers, not over the top and simply too gore-y that you cant unsee or even making it hard to look away. Everything about the movie was masterfully crafted with its costumes and colors that helped set the mood for the scenes and the movie overall but also the actors and their incredible acting. What I was so amazed with was the twist in having Susie as actually Mater Suspiriorum because it seemed so impossible yet possible at the same time all from the actions of Susie even from the beginning of the movie when we first see her in the train station with the sign Suspiria above her head which other than being the title of the movie could have helped us piece together the fact that she was Mater Suspiriorum. Dakota Johnson as Susie was actually pretty good especially since I only knew her from THAT “BDSM” movie. And ofcourse Tilda Swinton can absolutely slay anything that she has to do. Comparing it to the original may not be right but I cannot help but love the remake more as other than it having more dancing which I appreciated there was more depth to the characters and a better backstory for Susie which was cool.

In the end I would very much recommend this movie to horror geeks and just cinephiles in general. This is such a great movie to present what horror is all about. Having it linger on you with all its creepiness and gore is unable to be brushed off anytime soon. I’m happy that this was the last movie I got to watch for this class and I’m truly going to miss having to watch films weekly. But in the end yes please watch Suspiria because it really is such a great horror movie.

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