Bonus: Nosotros los Nobles

For this bonus blog post, I wanted to write about a Spanish comedy which I thought was hilarious. It’s a very fun film to watch because it centers around three rich spoiled young adults who do not know how to make their own living in the real world. Their father who came from humble beginnings is in awe of the nostalgia of his father’s old house (broken and humble). Their father is a rich business man but feels his children are too spoiled so he devises a plan where he pretends to have lost all his money and his children will have to find a way to make their own living. Films like this are emotionally humbling because in today’s youth it is so very easy for people to take for granted what they have in life.

The film is set in posh neighborhoods in Mexico where the three children are very much sheltered from the real world. The biggest social concern the film tackled was the income inequality in Mexico and the director Gary Alazaraki portrayed this problem in a comedic sense. Without the sense of comedy in the film, it would have struck a few emotional nerves. I love the play on riches to rags. It comes off as sort of a parody type to drama films that focus on rags to riches. The film shows another side to Mexico, the young professionals. It kind of shows that Mexico is known for a lot more than just drugs and partying but it can also be about social concerns. Hopefully it also kind of helped people be more “woke”. Class consciousness is a serious problem in Mexico. Unlike films from the US, Mexican social classes are very different on the spectrum. The mexican classes usually consists of upper and lower class. The US depicts classes as a more middle class centric basis.

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