Your new favorite horror dance film.

Suspiria gives us many unsettling scenes and imagery that is quite hard to forget. This remake with Dakota Johnson as Sussie Bannion, the american ballerina student who enters Helena Markos dance academy in Berlin. With the many hidden messages and secrets underneath the Markos dance academy, it leaves the audience glued to the screen… what could happen next?

Meanwhile, there is also the case of the disappearance of an old student, Patricia Hingle who was played by Chloe Grace Moretz. Patricia Hingle expresses her fears and anxiety towards the academy and the witches who run it as she seeks the help of Dr. Kempler. 

Don’t be deceived, there are no jump scares here. Rather, this movie is bound to freak you out with what it can do to human bodies and the kind of pain it can give. It’s definitely disturbing with all its bone-crunching glory. 

Aside from the expression of dance, circle of women and the supernatural occurrences, the movie also tackles German post war realities as it is set in Germany 1977. 

It is not exactly your traditional horror movie but one thing’s for sure, you wouldn’t wanna miss this horror movie.

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