A peculiar relationship

Jean Luc-Godard’s film entitled, A Woman is a Woman portrays a unique type of love story, which somehow transpired into a love triangle at the latter part of the movie. The story-line mainly focused on the on Angela’s dilemma of wanting a baby with her boyfriend. There was a scene in the film where she placed a pillow inside her clothes to see what she looked like if she was pregnant. However, Emile, her boyfriend kept denying this wish of hers. Each time she asked, it seemed like he was appalled and was really against with the idea. Though, I found it quite unusual how he kept asking other men to do the deed for him including his friend Alfred. As the film progressed, however, it was later on revealed that Alfred actually had feelings for Angela all along and was willing to do anything for her so that she would just choose him instead– this included impregnating her. Things got complicated when Angela slept with Alfred despite committing this infidelity, she still chose to go back to Emile and worked things out with him. At this point, I found it weird how their relationship continued after that incident, it seemed like they compromised. Emile finally agreed and decided to be the father of the Angela’s baby. Overall, their situation and how they handled it quite baffled me because even if they were communicating, both of them seemed to be stubborn about what they want individually, which led them to not really listen to what the other has to say about it.

Apart from the storyline of the film, I think it is important to point out that this is not the typical Hollywood chick-flick film that I thought it would be given the title of the movie. It is very apparent that the film industry already developed and improved throughout the years ever since this movie came out. Given that the it was made in 1961, the effects were not as great as the ones now. I think that this French Film did not have a smooth transition of scenes since the intervals of the background music would abruptly stop each time there was a dialogue being said, which kind of distracted me a bit while watching. However, it seems like this was the attempt of the filmmaker in trying to make it into a musical. It was quite odd since if I were to compare it to contemporary film-musicals, the only song and dance segment done in the film is when Angela performed her striptease performance at the bar. Aside from this, a silent comedy vibe was shown whenever they would not speak to each but still continued to fight and argue each other by way of creating insults through the book titles.

Although, it was able to show the authenticity of life and depicted it through film. It tried to capture and showcase how love and relationships work at that time and in their particular situation.  Thus, it can be said that it was not the typical chick-flick standard storyline, it was something different but seemed to be more real in a sense that it could possibly happen in an actual relationship.

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