A Woman Is A Woman

As someone who does not watch a lot of movies, the film, A Woman Is A Woman came as a strange and new experience for me. I felt like I was watching a musical play onstage without a lot of the singing because of the way the actors talked and the way the movie was filmed. There were a lot of things I liked and a lot of things that kept me confused and frustrated. The first thing that got me frustrated was the background music. Right from the start of the movie, there were times when the music would just abruptly end. In the beginning it was fine but it continued on and on and it distracted me from enjoying the movie. I felt like the flow of the movie was being broken whenever the music suddenly stops. I could not concentrate on what the characters were saying because there where times when there is a strong background music whenever no one is talking but suddenly stops to let a character speak a few words then raise the volume of the background music again then end again abruptly when someone else speaks. I don’t understand why can’t the movie just end the music just before the dialogue of the characters then start again after all the dialogue or to just lower the volume whenever a character speaks. The next thing I hated was the lack of information about the characters of the movie. We know that Angela works in a striptease club and she desperately wants a baby. Emile, Angela’s boyfriend, rejects Angela whenever she asks for a baby. Then there is Alfred who is in love with Angela. But, why? Why does Emile refuse to give Angela a child? Why is he ok with Angela sleeping with other guys to get impregnated? Why is he ok with Angela working in a striptease club where there are other guys who watch her? These questions kept on bugging me as I continued to watch the movie. I know that the movie is not a serious type of movie but I at least wanted some explanation for their attitudes. It just frustrates me a lot when things keep on happening without explanations.

Of course there were things that I liked in the movie. For example there were some cute/ comedy scenes that I really liked. For example when they were fighting and did not want to talk with each other. They picked books and continued to argue with each other by using the title of the books. It was childish and silly but it was a first for me. Emile just starts to randomly ride a bicycle inside their home. It is just so weird that it made me think about them and got me intrigued. Another would be the weird backgrounds like when the setting is in front of Angela’s house. There is a couple who keeps on hugging each other without showing their faces. Every time the setting was in front of Angela’s house, they were always present and it caught my attention. Why were they there? Was there a purpose? I actually sometimes focused on them instead of the main characters. A Woman Is A Woman does not have a plot that will get viewers hooked or make them start thinking. However it had a lot of weird things that got me intrigued and led me to enjoy the movie.

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