L’Avventura: THE Adventure

Raw, honest, truthful. This is L’Avventura in three words, for me. The Italian film was easy on the eyes, just as its characters were. The meat of the film delved with the complexity and limitless capacity of love to push people to move, act, and bend in ways one would never have thought of. As someone who has never been in the position of Claudia, I found it odd that I am able to relate to her plight to a certain extent. It was unsettling. My objective self would think that the film is romanticizing cheating and diminishes the value of loyalty. However, I also understood where the two characters came from. It wouldn’t normally make sense to me how one would be able to forgive a partner who cannot say he loves her properly and fully, a partner who cheats, but after this, I now see how love is not as easy as we perceive it to be. Maybe it is possible to forgive someone despite the pain, if you truly love the person—and perhaps there is nothing wrong with that. I don’t even know, honestly. I can’t judge Claudia and Sandro. I can only say that they were honest in depicting love and that the movie unfolded ever so beautifully, that such sensitive topic became easy to consume with an open heart. Props to the writers and the actors. The 2 hours and 23 minutes of L’Avventura was quite an adventure indeed.

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