L’Avventura by Michelangelo Antonioni

L’avventura weaves a tale of finding yourself through lust and within people. We are thrust into a world where the characters are all simply wanting more to their lives. Wanting, needing for a change, to escape. The first 30 or so minutes helped establish the characters especially Anna. Anna who seems to be in a limbo of sorts especially in her relationships. In the beginning with her strained relationship with her father, her relationship with her lover, Sandro which based from her character showed how she has been slowly building a wall in their relationship. She complains about wanting to be alone yet also wanting to still be with him. Her final scene with Sandro became her “wake up call” of sorts to finally go on her own adventure and we never see her again. Anna’s adventure was never really for us to see. Claudia and Sandro’s first scene shocked me because other than the fact that they shared a kiss (although strained and it also confused me how they only met three days prior. From this, it can be seen how dependent and needy Sandro to have a woman by his side 24/7. He always seems to try and present to the women he pursues as charming, waxing poetically about how much he is willing to sacrifice for them. In the end it never really became trying to find and rescue Anna but the back and forth relationship of Anna and Sandro.

The view of women in the movie presents them as objects to the male gaze. A very traditional way viewing female characters that has been a on going problem as well in media. Women seen like Gloria Perkins for example. A writer yet is flocked by men not for her writing but simply because she tore her skirt which showed a hint of her undergarments and her natural beauty. Not much was known about her and she even has sex with Sandro on a couch. The movie itself is highly romanticized. Women are captured in a way that makes you see their beauty through the frames.

This movie for me was kind of hard to watch as it was quite dragging at times and the plot was not really my type. The characters especially Sandro were quite annoying (as men usually are). At the end, I may not have enjoyed the plot as much but the way the movie was filmed was absolutely breathtaking. the sprawling mountains and the vast ocean created a great atmosphere for the movie and helped to elevate the boundless emotions and problems within the characters themselves. The black and white of the movie was something I did not mind as well.

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