Creative Derivations of the Perfect

The movie, The Five Obstructions, was a great comedic movie that showed a competitive challenge offered by Lars von Trier and taken by Jorgen. Here, there were lots of instances of creative shots, where it allows the audience to appreciate forms of art and beauty. When it showed the original version of The Perfect Human, it was evident that the focus is meant to be placed on various human body parts such as eyes, lips, face, legs, and many more for both male and female. This was the case when the characters in the film are eating, shaving, smoking, or even as simple as lying down. It was simply a movie of the ideal person in different cultures and contexts, while maintaining the message of what it means to be ideal. 

In other cases, when Jorgen was doing the variations, there were different backgrounds for each The Perfect Human version. It included Brussels, Bombay, Cuba, Denmark, and even a cartoon version. The notable one for me was the one in Bombay, where he chose to shave and to eat with a real background of kids and residents there watching him film the specific scene. For me at first, I thought it was out of place and inappropriate. It seemed like it was in a public market and he starts to jump as the public looks on. Afterwards, he shaves and then later on start to eat a fine dining. The dining scene struck me the most because it shows how much the people wanted to be in his position, having an abundance of delicious food while living a comfortable life. For them, it was the ideal life which shows how for the people of Bombay, it is the perfect human. On the other hand, in the cartoon version, I really appreciated the animated form of the characters. I thought the drawings were really excellent as the facial expressions truly captured the scenes. Furthermore, I noticed the nudity was more explicit as compared to the one with real characters. It was bold in terms of showing the private parts of both male and female. The bodies were really well-crafted, as there were details such as the defined abs, attractive breasts, and other beautiful body parts. It was certainly an animated version of manifesting on what a perfect human is like. In the Cuba version, the dancing was compromised to be more in-line with its culture. Another act that they changed for the culture was the smoking scene and how the Cuban actor plays around with the cigarette. I believe this was a way of conveying a perfect man in the eyes of Cuba. 

When deriving the original version of The Perfect Human, Jorgen took into consideration the context, challenge of Lars, and culture of his audience while maintaining its message. I believe this was very creative and credit to Jorgen for being well-versed with different cultures and knowing what kind of person is ideal in their perspective in the form of lifestyle, clothing, food, and etc. 


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