L’avventura Movie Review

What kept going inside my head while I was watching the movie was “She’s just not that into you”. The way Anna acted around her fiancé made me question if she was as invested in their relationship as he was. I think that the time they spent apart made her realize that she was capable of being and living without him. Sure she misses him from time to time but she also constantly wanted the space. In a way, I felt that she was trying to find a way to leave him without really leaving him. In the boating trip, I could see resentment in her eyes even if she would kiss Sandro almost like she felt trapped in the relationship. Of course I really couldn’t tell what she was thinking but based on the body language, it’s what I assumed. When she jumped into the water and faked the shark in the water, it made me wonder again if she really wanted to disappear. So when Anna really disappeared, I wasn’t entirely shocked. The movie never lets you know what really happened to Anna. If she committed suicide, if she escaped to somewhere else without letting anyone know or if she got into an accident and died or if she was injured. It just lets you wonder on your own. One of the things that struck me was that they ruled out suicide just because they saw a bible in Anna’s things. As if having a bible meant that she would never attempt harm on herself, an absolute false basis.

The story line that was focused on Anna in the beginning, quickly begins to focus on her best friend, Claudia. Which is a big shift because in the start she seemed as if she were just a third wheel that didn’t have much depth. Although, we suddenly see a different side of Claudia after Anna’s disappearance. She is anxious and deeply worried of what really happened to her best friend. I think even if she doesn’t say anything, she leaned towards Anna running away rather than getting into an accident. She blamed Anna’s fiancé for her disappearance but as the day progressed, the two found themselves getting closer to each other. I believe the loss of a person they both thought to be closest to them is what brought Sandro and Anna together. This closeness soon develops into a strong attraction that Anna tries so hard to control. She controls it not because she doesn’t have feelings for him but because she feels it is too soon. She’s ashamed of herself because she knows Sandro is really Anna’s and not hers for the taking. But just as she tries to fight it, the more she is drawn and the further she is drawn to Sandro, the more the two forget about Anna. You could see in the movie, how quickly the two move on from Anna, barely even mentioning her. But at the same time, I think this might have been a coping mechanism for the two which would explain why they also seeked comfort from each other. Because of how quickly things were moving between the two, I wasn’t really sure if what they had was love. I knew they were attracted to each other but I was unsure of the motives and sincerity of this love. In the end when Claudia was getting hysterical thinking that Anna had come back and that Sandro would leave her, it made me think that maybe they were both just trying to push the idea of Anna further back as a way not to bear the pain but that it was always just floating at the back of their heads. I did feel that both characters did not show enough sadness in their mourning but then again maybe this was their idea of coping with loss. Another thing that I thought was that maybe they knew Anna was alive, that she just needed time apart, thinking that one way or another she would eventually come back. In the very ending of the movie, I finally see Sandro cry which is something he had not done when he initially found out about Anna’s disappearance. I think that in that moment, it sunk into him that maybe she was truly gone. The movie title is translated as Adventure. I think that this was truly an adventure for the characters. They moved around in trying to find Anna and in the process also tried to find and understand themselves.

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