Hiding the Truth Out of Love

Good Bye Lenin was a film with a plot that revolves around a son’s love for his mother. It was evident that Alex was very concerned about his mother. I thought his efforts to keep his mother from a heart attack were admirable which is what really kept the movie going. Somehow, there was also a thrill whether or not Alex’s mom will find out the truth, which was that the Berlin Wall no longer existed. I believe it was what made me kept watching the film, as Alex thinks of creative ways to hide it. One of the scenes that exhibit this is when the mom sees a Coca-cola banner outside their home. This generated doubts. As a result, Alex and his friend start to make broadcast films that would help the mother understand its presence. 

Another way Alex tried to keep up the lie was how he transfers modern food products into the packaging that his mother is used to. I thought it requires a lot of effort to do that, given that he is also working throughout the day and has to keep on doing it at least once a week. Furthermore, the supply of food products that his mom desired were already scarce by that time. 

Aside from the thrill, I believe the movie also gave a comedic feel, given that the idea of Alex altogether seems unfeasible. Furthermore, the lengths of Alex and his friends they would go through in order to convince the mother that nothing has changed. An example of this was how Alex and his friend requested Sigmund Jahn to report in the library which disturbed everyone studying.  Another was how Alex’s friend Denis enjoyed making broadcast films for the mother which allowed him to showcase his passion and talent. 

I really thought the movie also developed a lot of characters. Despite the daunting effort of preserving his mother’s life, Alex showed a lot of character and willingness to keep his mother alive even if it meant facing the past or to live a schizophrenic lifestyle, meaning that outside of home he is modern however inside, he is back in the past. On the other hand, I also liked how the movie also gave us an idea of other characters such as Alex’s sister, Ariane. It seems that her biggest problem is her desire to meet her father. Given that their father left them when they were kids, both siblings never really got to bond with him. It also did not help when Ariane saw her father with a new family. The tensions between the parents were also given a glimpse, as the couple eventually reunited in the hospital when Christiane, the mother received her second heart attack as it was her last wish to see him once more. Of course, this was achieved because of Alex. 

Overall, the movie had a great plot and storyline. Almost every scene developed the characters while also entertaining the audience about the main conflict of the story which was whether Christiane would find out about the truth. 

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