L’Avventura: An Adventure just trying to watch.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaan was this movie hard to watch, let me explain…

The movie revolves around 3 main characters: Anna, Claudia (Anna’s best friend), and Sandro (Anna’s lover). *SPOILER ALERT* So the thing that drives the plot of the movie is the disappearance of Anna. Most of the movie consists of Sandro and Claudia looking for her. But why was this movie hard to watch? The most glaring thing is that Anna is never found. Usually in movies the problem is introduced and eventually payed off by the end of the movie, not the case with L’Avventura.

Another point that makes the movie hard to watch is that the characters, at least the main 3, are hard to relate to because none of them are like-able. I can understand that some characters are really written for the audience to not like them, but nah dude, it’s all of them.

Let’s start with Anna; Anna from the get go seems like s brat who is used to got whatever she want and when she doesn’t she’ll make it seem like it’s the biggest inconvenience in the world. For example, after reuniting with her lover, Sandro, she then creates this scene when they’re swimming in the ocean that there’s a shark nearby just to have more attention focused on her. That’s not even the half of it! She then argues with Sandro that they were separated for too long (one month) and that she “can’t take it anymore”. Girl, lent is longer than the time that you spent apart, and if you can’t even handle that, maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

Then there’s Sandro, Anna’s “lover”. Why did I put it in quotes? Let’s find out. So most of the movie Sandro is looking for Anna. Seems nice right? WRONG! He asks Claudia to go with him and then he falls in love with Claudia faster than Usain Bolt can run the 100m dash. So okay, Sandro and Claudia are now together, but NOPE! He gets caught by Claudia with a next girl that catches his eyes. DAMN DUDE!! Keep it in your pants!

The last of the main 3, Claudia, is probably the most “innocent”, but she is no walk in the park either. In the movie, one moment she’s Anna’s best friend, then the next moment she’s falling in love with her former lover Sandro. Claudia doesn’t do herself any favors by just letting herself just be victim to the things that are going on around her.

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