Holy Moly Motors

This film was an extreme roller coaster ride of intense abstract scenes. The film sheds light to the importance of role-playing in one’s life. This helps people really find themselves and who they are. How we as humans would present ourselves in different moments in our lives. An interesting factor of the film is that Denis Lavant is so masterful in his appointments that take him in different disguises and personas that are completely different have no link whatsoever. A puzzle for me was trying to piece them together and make sense of each persona’s link to the other but it was a futile effort.

I had two scenes in the movie that I really found interesting and admired. One was the motion capture suit scene where an abstract dance was done. This scene although abstract and made no conventional sense, had purpose. It portrayed the wild and happy expressions of youth. Then the scene I was most fond of in the film was the accordion playing scene. This was a nice change of pace as it acted as the intermission for the film’s unending abstract storylines. Even though a break was in order as said, it wasn’t going to be a conventional break and this scene really impressed me.

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