Holy Motors

Holy Motors

                  The first scene already gave an eerie vibe. It gave me this idea that this movie was going to be hard to understand. I think that throughout the film, it gives the impression that it isn’t meant to be understand. In the first scene, the man unlocks a secret door which opens up to an audience that appears to be watching. I think this sets the intro to how each scene to follow is meant to target an audience. It really is meant to be an art form and show. The next scene appears to be a wealthy businessman who walks out of his mansion and enters a limo. At this point I think ok I guess it revolves around this businessman. Only to find out that his first appointment isn’t actually a meeting but him playing a role. He starts dressing up as an old beggar and executes it so perfectly. But nothing really happens here except for him doing the part. So by this time, I’m really so confused and I prepare myself for the movie to actually keep getting weirder. I found the next appointment really interesting because it seemed very futuristic like how they make animated movies. I was again impressed because his stunts were done so well and he really is so versatile. I think the scene with the woman was meant not to be humanistic, it seemed like they were filming something that was supposed to mimic animals or aliens. The next appointment was the one I was most impressed with. He did it so professionally. Like he even ate a full meal to prepare for his next role. This beastly role was done so well, he was freaky and bizarre in a really good way. When he bit the assistant’s fingers, I was shocked and left hanging because I don’t really know what happened to the girl afterwards. The contrast between the model and the “beast” appears as a modern beauty and the beast. The next scene of the actor and the daughter made me confused as to whether this was his real character only to realize that it was still just another appointment. In the scene where he kill his doppleganger, only to be “killed” as well. At this point I think, how can he survive, this is probably the end of the movie. But I think at this point it shows that death it something that’s so easily reversible in the film, death doesn’t actually mean death in the act. The next scene where he acts as a dying father, was the first time I saw another actress acknowledge that they were acting. The daughter tells her real name and introduces herself once the scene was finished which shows how everyone in the scenes are all part of the act. The next scene where he met up with his former lover was probably the realest part of the film. It was realy because he didn’t set up an appointment with her, it was sort of by chance that they saw each other there. They also seemed like they haven’t seen each other in so long are have both been so submerged in their different characters for so long that they barely recognized each other. They used the spare 20 mins that they had to catch up. It was extremely romantic and intimate even as the song expressed what they truly felt with each other. At one point I even felt like they were unsure if everything they’ve been doing has been worth it. But even if they had true feelings for each other, they were still stuck in this bubble of acting a part. They can’t actually be together because that’s not where their story leads them to be.
She has a fiancé/boyfriend (probably also just part of an act or part of her character). That’s why this time is so precious because it’s the only time they show a glimpse of who they really are apart from their roles. When the woman committed suicide, I was so unsure as to whether it was real or was this just another way of them creating death and bringing her back to a different character. Although I had a feeling that this was somehow real because the way Oscar reacted was different as how he used to. Normally, once he enters the limo, he switches his emotions/character right away. That’s sort of his neutral state but when he saw the woman fall, he was not able to handle it. He screamed and drank as if he was depressed. (maybe it was the tipping point) I somehow felt that through out this movie, the man was just so trapped. He had no chance to be himself, no chance to make his own decisions because someone was always watching him. I think to a certain extent, it was really beautiful how he was able to channel himself into all those characters. It was entertaining as one of the people in the audience. But it also begs the question as to if he was happy, maybe he’s been inside this acting job for too long. He seemed overworked, lacking inspiration and desperate for something more than this life he had. This goes to show how a performance is really just a facade, it’s beautiful in the outside but these individuals have a whole lot more going on inside of them.

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