Actors: deconstructed

Holy Motors was such a frustrating film to watch. Honestly, it took a while for me to form insights and gain comprehension on the movie because, as it was mentioned in class, perhaps it was not created to be understood. It was so strange — sometimes, I found myself cringing at the scenes. That appointment with Eva Longoria freaked me out because he looked and acted crazy. He bit off her finger! What made it weirder for me was the fact that the model did not react to it. I had questions like: “Was she even a real person?” “What is happening?”

However, the more that we watched the film, the more that I started to realize that he was an actor, and his “appointments” were his projects. Suddenly, I thought of an insight about the model scene. I thought that it was a symbolism of how actors and models — people who are always subjected to the spotlight — can find solace in each other because out of everyone else around them, only their fellow celebrities can understand what they really feel. Only their fellow celebrities can understand that yes, fame may seem fun because they earn so much and they get so much attention, but there are also downsides to being famous. With great fame, comes the stress, haters, and the like. I am not sure if that was what the scene meant, but that was what it meant to me.

Because of the realization that he was merely acting in every single scene, I started to doubt the realness of the scene with his “daughter”, especially when the group who reported on Holy Motors pointed it out. At first, I thought that it was a symbol of how actors are human too. They have their own lives, their own families. The feel of the scene was very different from the others. Oscar was driving his own car. He was also acting calmer and more like an actual father when he was berating his daughter. I want to believe that it was a scene that wanted to show the audience that actors are human too, but what if it was not even a real scene? What if it was another appointment. I would honestly be disappointed if I found out that it was just another appointment for Oscar, and that girl was a random stranger.

Indeed, Holy Motors was a strange film. The different appointments seemed so real every time. One would think that the film was about the old lady, or the weird alien sex, or the crazy-man-biting-off-a-finger. However, the film was about Oscar himself and how he lived his life as an actor. The film still left many questions in my head. I still do not understand why his home had chimpanzees. I still cannot comprehend why the limos started to talk to each other at the end of the movie. The film was truly bizarre, as is all the other films we have watched in class, but I am glad that I was able to get something out of it even though I am not really sure if that was the intention of the director or not.

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