Trollhunter: a New Take on an Old Fairytale


When we were told that the class would be watching the movie, Trollhunter, I thought I would be watching a film just like Ghostbusters (2016). I was a bit disappointed at the start of the film because I realized that unlike Ghostbusters, Trollhunter would not involve cool gadgets and funny action scenes. Despite this, I came to appreciate Trollhunter for the movie that it is. I can only imagine how much fun the director of the film must have had while making it. The film even gave updates on the situation of the characters in the end to somehow tell us that the film actually happened and the people in it are true. I really liked that the film was a mockumentary. This gave so much authenticity to the film that it almost had me fooled. Even when we all know that trolls are mythical creatures that do not exist, I started to question this. What if trolls actually exist in that part of the globe? Maybe that’s why there are a lot of weirdly-shaped rocks in the forest because those were trolls that have been hit with light. My sanity tells me, maybe not.

leappad-dreamworks-trolls-game_80-490600_1Another thing that I thought of when I heard the title, Trollhunter, was that maybe it was going to be a cute movie. Given that I watched the movie, Trolls (2016), a fantasy-adventure movie with lots of singing and dancing, I was shocked about how ugly and terrifying the trolls were portrayed to look like in the film. They were mean and even killed one of the characters. It was a good thing that the main characters did not die because the movie would end up being even more tragic.

The film can be described to have a genre that is a horror/thriller. The CGI effects of the movie were very good, in my opinion, and scared me a little bit. The trolls seemed real next to the human characters, which made the film more exciting. The plot of the film was also very interesting. I liked how there was some sort of biological and scientific explanation to the trolls. It was nice to think that trolls are real especially because of how they were described in the movie. They were just like regular animals, mammals, that mate, and that have different classifications. Some live in the mountains, and some live in the forests. The different types of trolls meet up somewhere and throw rocks at each other. I wish the film showed a clip of the trolls fighting with one another, this would have given the film a Lord of the Rings/Narnia vibes.

All in all, the movie was a fun experience. It gave a new and different perspective on the old mythical creature. Among all the European films that we have watched in class, I can say that this one is among my favorites. It is quite a thriller but still a feel-good movie that is perfect to watch on a lazy night.

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