Hunter ng Trolls

I am a big fan of horror movies. Having known beforehand that Trollhunter is a horror/drama film, I set my expectations really high. Sadly, I found the movie very underwhelming. It isn’t your average horror film. When I finally realized while watching that it was one of those horror ‘found footage’ sub genre films, I thought that it would continuously gather more suspense, and a sense of fear. I think that I expected the movie to be this way due to the fact that I grew up with films such as “The Paranormal Activity” series that use the same film strategies as Trollhunter. The movie being a documentary type of film, felt really draggy at times. I feel that the film really lacked when it came to horrific/nail-biting scenes.

Although I didn’t find the film worth watching, I guess the film excelled at other aspects. One would think that the film would excel in showing the spooky parts of Norway, and its culture, but the film actually did a better job in showing the pleasing parts of it. Looking past those ugly, low quality trolls, we see the grand scenery that Norway takes pride off. I also think that I wasn’t able to connect much to the film, due to my non-existent knowledge of Norwegian culture. Knowing that this is one of the better films that the Norwegian film industry has to offer, I can’t help but assume that there’s more to it then what I saw.

Ultimately, I didn’t enjoy watching the film. I felt that the quality of this 2010 film was unsightly, especially when it came to the trolls. There was too little action, and when there was, it would be very underwhelming. On a positive note, the film was actually able to get me involved with the characters, but this involvement wasn’t so  pleasing and I always found myself annoyed by the decisions the characters would make. If they were to remake this movie with more action, suspense, and thrill, I would definitely watch it. A good takeaway from watching this film is that I appreciate Norway more.

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