Troll Hunter Review

I was excited to watch a relatively more modern film. It also gave me the impression that it was a movie that wasn’t going to be difficult to understand because it’s basically straightforward. Personally I thought it would be a fantasy/comedy like ghost busters or some kind of parody film. I didn’t really understand why were watching this kind of movie after coming from the previous deeper and more difficult to interpret. The film for me gave of a low budget film vibe which is expected since it showcases found footage and amateur videos. It was sometimes hard to see the images because of how shaky the videos were. If it weren’t showcased this raw, it wouldn’t make sense given the story line. They wanted to make it seem like it was a legit phenomenon (even if we know trolls aren’t real). They even filmed with a broken camera which really made it seem more real. I also liked how they showcased the sceneries and culture of Norway which I found interesting given that there is not a lot that I know about the place.

The Troll Security Service aspect of the film which the secret job of Finn sort of reminded me of UFO sightings and Area 59 stories that have been reported in the US. It’s also similar to the story line of stranger things. I think that although these stories could be fake or just all hearsay, I feel that there is some truth in it. The fact that people can create stories that have a similar themes means that there could be explicit things that governments hide. These conspiracies make me wonder to what extent governments do cover up scandals.

One of the things that struck me the most was the mention of religion (Christianity) in the movie. I was curious as to why trolls could specifically smell bloods of Christians. Upon researching, I find out that Norway is considered a Christian country. Majority are Christians (70%) but it also makes you wonder what about the minority of 30% which isn’t as small either. I think this might have played a part in the movie where it shows how only rare people can come across trolls at the same time, trolls aren’t really in line with Christian teachings.

I did like the build up to how the troll was revealed. In the start, I wasn’t sure if they would ever show the entire troll. The low quality of the camera also made it a bit hard to see the full image of all the scenes. But I still appreciated how the trolls were revealed. It also made the the documentary as real as it could be. The CGI for me needed more help though because it didn’t look as real especially when the camera would zoom into the trolls. Although I still think that the vague ending also strengthens how the form and thought put in this movie was. The acting and the script were also executed well in terms of the film’s structure, it was believable that they felt they were in trouble and danger.

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