TrollHunter by André Øvredal

What does it mean to believe in something? Is to see something with your very own eyes the easiest way to finally understand that something is real? The movie Trollhunter made me think how do we truly start to believe in something and to what extent are we able to reach to be able for others to start believing as well?

I will be honest in saying that this movie was not my favorite. I rank it the lowest from all the other movies we have watched for this class. There was something about the ‘script’ or dialogue of the characters were flat coupled with the fact that trolls for me were kind of an ‘okay’ and not really amazing thing to be talked about for a movie. The CGI of the trolls were kind of off for me. Although, I was impressed with how it was filmed in a “found footage” mockumentary way. This would make most of the viewers more interested, giving it more of an edge. Even if they did say it was a found footage movie, it was obvious that it was not real enough for there to be actual trolls in Norway because of the way the trolls looked for me. The action and interactions with the trolls were quite cool since this was a found footage movie its almost as if you are part of the action itself, the viewer becomes the camera man witnessing these trolls up close and fighting them.

The trolls in Norway plot is a heavily cultural thing. There are many Norwegian folktales about how there are many different species of trolls in the country as like the ones in the movie. I feel that maybe this was also why I did not really like the movie because I could not really connect with the culture (especially coming from a highly traditional catholic society). This movie went to be rated highly by Norwegian critics which in turn means that a huge part of how one may actually enjoy a movie is if it is something they can relate to and actually believe in as well.

This goes back to the questions I posed in the beginning, what does it mean to believe in something? The movie gives us a confusing answer, yes that trolls are real (knowing that it was seen ‘in real life’ by these students) yet they suddenly disappeared, gone forever with only a movie to account for evidence. Is that enough for others, the viewers of the movie specifically, to be able to believe in trolls as well? We may never get to know. How strong are your beliefs? In the end, we see the Norwegian Prime Minister actually say that these trolls were real which was quite funny and a big win towards the students and Hans to be able to spread their point across to others.

Overall if you are into the mockumentary or found footage type of genre this is a great movie because other than it being action packed it was funny at times in that dead-pan sort of way. But for me this may not be my kind of movie.

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