Disappointing Trolls

My experience in watching Trollhunter, a Norwegian mockumentary filmed in 2010, was actually quite an odd one. Knowing nothing about the film, including its title and genre, I was caught off guard with all the unnatural things that had happened in the movie. Being one that loves to use his free time in watching documentaries, I honestly got excited as I thought it would be about how the Norwegian hunters handled the problem of illegal bear hunting in a small town in Norway. As I figured out that there was actually a lot more to it than hunting bears, as it was really about hunting down exploding trolls, it really reminded me of my experience watch movies similar to paranormal activity due to its usage of “recovered film”. It tried to depict footage of fictional creatures as ones that would appear as something that were real to the audience. A few years back, my gullible self was actually fooled by some friends into thinking that footages of Paranormal Activity were actually real-life ones, which was the only reason why I was actually scared. I made sure to not be fooled in the same way this time around when we caught this film.

Compared to the impact that Paranormal Activity films had on me, I can proudly say that the Trollhunter did not scare me one bit. Sadly, the visual or CGI effects seemed to be really off and obviously fake compared to what modern technology can do to convince the human eye. Being a movie that was produced and released in 2010, I can hardly blame the filmmakers on that one. As I try to recall the Paranormal Activity films, I don’t remember the need for much visual effects as the creatures that would interact with the humans were invincible spirits. That could be a reason on why I was also much more scared as I watched that film. When it came to the sound effects that were used in the film, they did not fail to make the underwhelming looking trolls come to life. It was probably the closest thing in the entire film that would get me frightened by the fictional trolls.

As someone who doesn’t love to watch horror films, Trollhunter wasn’t scary at all. Ironically also because of this, it made it quite disappointing. It doesn’t put a mark on me as much as some other ones do. I could still easily sleep as compared to what other horror films can do to me. There is some sort of factor that western horror films lack in terms of being able to leave a mark on the audience. Besides the fact that they tried to make the film look like it was a recovered film, it felt like the directors and writers just tried to use jump scares to frighten the audience. The movie’s plot was really disappointing. Sadly, it basically just went from hunting bears, to hunting imaginary trolls. That was really about it, as it even had no clear ending.

Unfortunately, Trollhunter (2010) is not a film I would recommend to people that are interested in watching it. The movie was quite plain and lacked a lot of things in terms of what it wanted to present to the audience. Despite this, I look forward to watching the last few European films that this class has to offer.

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