Goodbye, Lenin

Goodbye, Lenin 

This could-have-been plain, old, boring historical movie, Goodbye Lenin, moved me to tears as it showcased the delicateness and fragility of human relationships. I am personally a sucker for films that dabble on topics such as family, personal ties and social reality. I thought the movie showcased all of it and integrated each aspect in a very subtle, unobtrusive manner. Some films on history would just feel so didactic, I wouldn’t want to watch it. But Goodbye, Lenin intertwined history with the personal narrative of a family—it showcased how much the transition from a communist society to a western-influenced society would influence the lives of families back then. The symbolisms, like the concrete sculpture of lenin being flown away by the helicopter just as the woman went out of the house for the first time AND that coca cola ad, were really iconic and strikingly comic. The film also highlighted the extremes people would be willing to go just to protect their family and be able to safeguard the lives of their own, even at the expense of truth. Additional complement goes to the colorization of the film. It was altogether a wonderful ride and I would watch it again just to be able to pay attention to the small details in the film. 

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