Holy Mo[ley]tors!

Holy Motors

To say that “Holy Motors” is a great film would be to undermine the wonderful experience that it is. This episodic tale of how a man transforms from a character to another has set the bar high for me when it comes to the films that I watch. Equipped with heavy costume changes and set designs, the film (although set in a homogenous world) seems to take you to another dimension along with the change of Mr. Oscar’s costumes. It was a thriller. I loved how each costume change feel like another movie on its own. I appreciated how meta the film is, as it seemed to showcase the difficulties, nuances and complexities of acting and cinematic creation in itself. I also personally loved the mysterious quality (i.e. the model’s non-reaction and chillness as Mr. Oscar, clad in prosthetics and tattered clothing, abducted him from the photoshoot) to it because it hooked me and kept me watching until the very last bit of the film. I appreciate the scenes that made me think and the parts where I couldn’t understand what was going on, because like I said in class I don’t you always have to understand everything in a film. In a way, “Holy Motors” opened my eyes to the extremes man could reach to portray and realize his artistic sensibilities and it resonated with me as a theater person. 

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