Trollhunter: A search for the human


To this day, if I’m being honest, there’s still a part of me that wonders if Trolls are real or not. That disclaimer in the beginning really confused me, because it said the footages recovered were actually true. I was hooked in the idea until I saw the [pretty decently] edited CGI trolls, where I started asking, are these footages really try or was the film staged in and stylized in a way that it looks like a documentary series of hunting down trolls. Apart from that, the film had a particular moment that pinches the heart. Hans, the guys who kills trolls, moved me when he remorsefully recalled how [because of the nature of his job] he had to kill women and children trolls—speaking volumes to the humans watching it. I am not a fan of shaky editing but for this film, I loved how the shots looked like they were shot by a cameraman, running, chasing and part of the story just as the protagonists are part of the story. It’s an interesting piece to watch and it gives humanity to something that we never would’ve thought we could pick some learning from—trolls. 

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