In pursuit of closing the loop

This sci-fi movie, Timecrimes (2007) or Los Cronocrímenes  is a time travel jargon filled narrative but with a fresh and ingenious take on it. There have been plenty of time travelling movies in the past, such as Time travellers wife or everyone’s favourite, Back to the future. Not a lot of the time travelling movies that were out in the theatres were a hit but I think Timecrimes was able to pull it off with its intelligent and well thought of plot twists. It was mind boggling to think travelling just a few hours back could change things drastically and we clearly see how this has affected Hector’s life. It’s one of those mind-blowing films, it will always have you thinking, “what will happen next?” Or “how can they possibly resolve this?” And you find yourself at the edge of your seat while watching the series of events unfolding.

However, what was most puzzling to me was how did it all begin? Who started the loop and why? How did Hector get to the time machine in the first place? Because he still had memories of the phone call, the woman who stripped, the man with the bandages around his head, even before he travelled back in time. How did it all begin? The audience are always thinking, always analysing the situation at hand and derive meaning from the happenings. Nonetheless, I think leaving a few things unanswered for the audience to ponder on was a good move. The open ending and the baffling series of events allow it to be even more intriguing. 

It is not overly complex that will leave you totally confused with the next sequence of events that follow, the audience can still catch up with the series of events. The opening of the film feels like a horror movie with a thrilling background music, portraying itself to be one. No details are given. Although, I think this was able to set the tone quite perfectly. But the second sequence unravels the narrative making things clearer and allows the audience to go deeper into what the plot is really about. Things actually make sense now we get the bigger picture, how the fabric of the space-time continuum is ripped altogether. Despite the thrilling scenes and plot twists, the film was still able to inject a few humorous moments here and there that were subtle but somehow, still worked. 

This one is a lot more naturalistic unlike other time travel movies that are far more adventurous. You feel the frustration of the character watching things go horribly wrong as he tries to find his way back home and his desperation for his life to go back to normal. The audience empathises with him.

What’s interesting about this movie is that, it’s frightening but not in the horrific sense. Frightening enough to bewilder you, giving you a strange feeling after the movie. It puts a spotlight on the inevitable consequences of time travelling— your actions are bigger than you think and it could totally mess everything up in the real world.

It’s an inventively crafted film with endless possibilities and unimaginable loopholes. An introspective approach to the time travelling genre that will leave the audience wanting to know more, but is left to enjoy the rollercoaster ride as Hector helplessly moves towards a possible solution to go back to his ordinary life. 


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