I’m not a fan of thriller or horror films given my very low tolerance for scary movies, but watching Timecrimes was honestly an enjoyable experience for me. Prior to watching the film, I had no idea that it would have a hint of horror into it so I was caught off guard when the first jump scare scene rolled out. To my surprise though, I found myself glued to the screen.

The film was about a man named Hector and how he was caught in a seemingly unending time loop. Wanting to resolve this problem and go back to his normal and peaceful life with his wife, he ends up “messing up” the future and harming a few people along the way. Although I have seen different kinds of time travel films before, Timecrimes for me was unique and different. First of all, it felt relatively more realistic compared to other time travel films that are more adventurous and mystical. Another interesting element was the way the plot unfolded and how the film interacted with the viewers, because it felt as if we were going through the realizations and surprises along with Hector. The film was enjoyable to watch because it makes you really want to know what happens next. You don’t want to miss any important and relevant details about the character and what he does, so you stay focused. It keeps the audience on the edge of their seats waiting for what Hector is up to next (and if their predictions about what he’s going to do are right). How is he going to get out of this one? Will his actions, in his attempt to go back to his normal life, actually ruin the course of events of his life? I had a bunch more questions in mind while watching the movie and while some of them were eventually answered as the plot went on, like, Why was that girl naked in the forest?, or Why was there a weird phone call?, the ones that bothered me the most were never really answered: How did this all begin? What’s the history behind the time travel machine? Is Hector’s life just going to be an unending cycle of what all happened? Even though it was very frustrating not to have the answers to these questions, I think the fact that the film makes us think about it and the questions it left unanswered even after a few days after watching the movie, is one of the things that makes it really effective as a film in its genre.

In terms of the movie production, I found it really impressive how this film was able to effectively pull off its thriller/time travel/sci-fi genre given that it was produced with a limited budget. Usually, you would expect movies like this to cost a lot given its supposed use of advanced technology, but Nacho Vigalondo’s Timecrimes was successfully able to make do with limited characters and setting, and simple machines and props. All it took was a well thought-out storyline.

Overall, it was a very creative film especially as a low-budget one, and it’s one that I would probably recommend to my friends who like movies from this genre.

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