El Viaje en el Tiempo

The film Los Cronocrimenes was especially good for me as previously I had been watching a new tv show, “Love, Death and Robots” which is an anthology. In this anthology, there is an episode which focuses on the same type of time travel/ loop that Hector found himself in. The suspenseful thriller of a movie started out as a horror film to me as a mummified man was terrorising poor hector after stabbing him with scissors and chasing him around.

The plot twist of the film definitely had me shook because I would have never pegged the movie as the time travel type. The cinematography was minimalistic but understandable as it was a low budget film. The movie definitely did well considering as it ventured into different genres throughout the movie from a horror/thriller into a sci-fi/thriller. But what I found the most interesting about the film was the character development aspect of the movie. Hector develops from a timid, middle aged man in the beginning to a hardened man burdened by accidental murders. His person slowly started to change and it is evident in how he was trying to shape the next hectors that were to come following the same sequences Hector 1 had him follow. I still find it strange that he did not try and break the loop however.

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