In  Nacho Vigalondo’s Timecrimes, we get to see a European take on the science fiction and the thriller genre. It is interesting that the film tackled the genre in such a small scale, which resulted to a more focused and endearing film. The film was successful in molding the two genres together so that it can produce an interesting character study on the main character, Hector. The film really showed such a complex concept, but done in a simple setting, which makes it easy to scrutinize. Vigalondo really succeeds in producing not only an accessible and entertaining film, but he made a complex film that makes the audience think. In a sense it’s the combination of the more mainstream side and more artistic side of European cinema.

One of my favorite aspects of the film is that Vigalondo decided to encase the film in a small setting. Rather than creating an epic sprawling cinematic experience, he decided to keep it small scale. This is effective in the study of Hector’s character, because he is in almost in every scene and thus we get to realize his own being as we watch the film. The small scale of the film also helped in not making the story to complicated, as seen in a couple other science fiction films. With the more focus setting, we get to observe the occurrences in the film and the little details that will make us understand the film further. The easter eggs were more evident because of the time travelling aspect of the film, which makes the film even more enjoyable to watch.

The film also successfully merged two different genres, science fiction and thriller. The film let the two genres compliment each other so that they can seamlessly tell the plot. These two genres also made the film very entertaining and put the audience at the edge of their seats. The thriller aspect was used well because it really made the tension between the Hectors spine-chilling. The thriller aspect was most successful at the first half of the film, where Hector is being chased by the man with bandage on his face. The scenes in the house really made it feel like a pin drop can be heard through the eerie quietness. The science fiction aspect was also successful, most especially because it was used in a small scale. By minimizing the sci fi aspect of the film, it was able to encapsulate a more creative way to handle a time travel plot. The audience were able to be immersed to the time travelling storyline, especially when we get to be revealed concerning the different Hectors in one single timeline.

Lastly, I found the twist and turns of the film to be successful and not just to elicit a reaction from the audience. The storyline was clearly structured to have the audience on the edge of their seats on what the actions of Hector will be. The revelations were also not coming out of nowhere and instead the film really put easter eggs, which foreshadowed the impeding twists in the film. The film was a successful use of genre in  the European film canon. It molded the accessible entertainment we are accustomed to in mainstream cinema with the more artistically weird characteristic European cinema is known for.

Enrico R. Barruela COM 115.5

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