Timecrimes: A Time Travel Narrative done well

Despite what seems to be a low-budget production, the execution of a genius plot in the sci-fi thriller, Timecrimes (2007) or Los Cronocrimenes made it very enjoyable to watch. As compared to the movie, Trollhunter, which was the only other action filled fictional film we’ve seen the entire semester, Nacho Vigalondo’s Timecrimes (2007) was quite clearly a much more exciting film. Just like in any Time Travel narrative, occurrences of twists and turns made the film much more appreciable as the smallest of changes in Hector’s always found a way to leave the audience craving to find out what would happen in the following sequences.

The film is centered around a middle-aged man, who just moved into a new house with his wife. While using his binoculars in the back of his garden, he spots a young woman taking her top off that suddenly disappears in his following glance at her. He gets curious about the disappearance, so he goes to look for the girl. He finds the girl unclothed and unconscious deep in the woods. While he did this, he gets stabbed by the man in the cover of the film, the pink bandaged attacker.

Fleeing away from the violence of the bandaged attacker, he goes into a nearby building meeting a scientist, who is played by the director himself. He hides in his machine, which suddenly brings him back in time. After this scene, much of the problems in terms of messing up time were bound to happen.

What I enjoyed the most about the movie was how mind-boggling certain situations were. The film was able to put me on the edge of my seat as I was trying to figure out why certain things were happening to the characters in the film. As the movie went by, some of the things I questioned became much clearer in a manner that would somehow still blow my mind.

As the movie did make me question a lot of things, most of them were answered as the movie went by. There should be a big emphasis on the word “most” as the movie still somehow left some things unanswered and left the audience to figure them out themselves. Although this was the case, it wasn’t done in a very annoying way as how it is in other movies that I’ve seen in the past.

Overall, I can easily admit that Timecrimes (2007) by Nacho Vigaldo was clearly the most interesting movie that we’ve the encountered the entire semester. Its genius twists in the tale really made me so curious as to how and why certain things would happen in the film. Despite being one who hates to read on a film’s plot and summary before they even appear in front of my eyes, for once, I was tempted to use my phone to be able to finally understand even clearer the situations that were occurring in certain scenes and sequences. Despite the urge to do so, I made sure to do it so that I would be able to enjoy the rest of my time watching the film. That’s what’s so great about movies that make you think; you keep asking for more of it until you are satisfied and that all your questions are answered.

With a few weeks left in the course, I look forward to watching my last few films and hopefully enjoy them as much as I did in this film.

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