Young Idealists and Change: Reflections on The Edukators

The Edukators was not discreet in discussing the issues on capitalism, which are of course, still relevant to this day. The idealism seen in the young characters are pretty much what we see online, especially on Twitter which is the common medium that people of my generation are using. I believe most of us share the sentiments of the characters Jule, Peter, and Jan; we all have been victims of an unforgiving system, with the rich being more powerful than ever. And with the oppression of the poor, especially those who are educated yet are continuously being punished by an unfair system, brings forth ideas that incite anger and frustration. Such emotions therefore reveal ideals among the young who are motivated to begin movements, whether violent or not, much like the characters in the movie. Radical ideas such as anti-capitalism may sound too violent for some, but The Edukators were able to show us a different way to advocate for change.

The German film seems to be coming from a view of a person who was once part of the old Germany which was once divided by opposing ideals. Capitalism was not present in East Germany whose people predominantly believed in Socialist ideals. Coming from this background, a lot of Germans may be longing for the life that Socialist Germany brought, much like what was shown in Good Bye, Lenin! However, because of the changing society, growing unrest from the imperfect system, and inspiration of a peaceful revolution, people demanded for an open country. Yet the new ideals that came with such change also failed them in the future. Its greatly exemplified through the everyday struggles of the characters in The Edukators. I think that it is through this that we see Europe’s struggle in finding justice in its struggle to find the perfect balance between the bourgeoisie and proletariat. The masses rising above the injustices of their country’s system is not uncommon in European history, that is why even to this day, we see that protests are prevalent in such countries.

I believe that European political movies such as The Edukators are very much in touch with their history. Although unlike before, the themes we see are far less radical than we think. Violence is always out of the picture, as seen in Jule, Peter, and Jan’s choice to let their prisoner go. We see that despite their constant struggle against a violent system, the film rather propagates ideas that poetic resistance.

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