Idealism, Romance, Life

The Edukators was a film of ideologies and frustrated individuals who want to change the capitalistic system and despises those who thrive in it. I believe that the explores the idea of naïveté, where young adolescents act upon the dream of living in an ideal world thinking that it benefits everyone however they come to a realization that the ideal world they dream of is a dominantly just a selfish and impossible desire that may never become a reality. 

In the film, the behavior of the main characters in Jan, Peter, and eventually Julie manifested this wherein they would break-in big villas and disarrange the furniture while leaving a threatening note. For me, I believe the behavior was one that may not translate into actions such as theft however it does express a form of disrupting a sense of peace. Because of this, as an individual who is about to embark on this kind of world, it made me question whether our motives to transform the world is really for the betterment of the people in the country or whether it was just for myself. As the film progresses, the main characters come into this realization when Julie admits that kidnapping Hardenberg, who Julie owes a debt to after she collided with his Mercedes Benz. It was a realization that showed how actions may seem to fight for justice, however it was motivated to benefit oneself over other people. 

I liked the idea of how Hardenberg also developed a relationship with the main characters. It showed a glimpse of Hardenberg’s past, as he could easily relate with the main characters who had respectable idealisms. It shows how Hardenberg’s character is quite dynamic as he reverts back to the old ways, where he detaches himself from his city and material possessions. 

Aside from the thrill of seeing how the main characters would get away with the kidnapping of Hardenberg, I also liked how the film factored in the love triangle between Jan, Julie, and Peter into the plot. For me, it added some more flavor and tension to the film as it dealt with the “free-flowing love” that everyone experiences as Hardenberg mentioned. It goes to show how reality can change us in ways we could never imagine. For instance, Jan has always been very grounded on his morals. However when he gets close to Julie, he would give in despite knowing that it would become a messy situation as his friendship with Peter could result into danger. 

Overall, it was a movie that showed a lot of idealisms for the young adolescents. Furthermore, it also shows how actions can result into consequences, which is why it is imperative to know the real underlying motives of our actions as idealisms can blind us into thinking it is right. In relation to this, the characters in the film despised people like  Hardenberg, however, people will eventually buy into the system, as reality will come toward you where it can possibly transform you into the person you were very much against. 

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