Edukating the world

Two best friends have a secret between the two of them. These two youngsters living in Germany are behind the revolutionary movement “The Edukators” who break into big villas owned by billionaires, rearranging the furnitures and leave obscure messages for the wealthy home owners to see. They don’t commit theft but they go through all these lengths just to send a message. Jan and Peter are most definitely not your average pranksters, they have a message they want to be heard. They surely have a quirky and creative take on political activism, with a vision to subvert the unjust system.

The real story begins when Peter leaves for Barcelona and his girlfriend, Jule, is left behind. In Peter’s absence, Jule and Jan fall in love with each other. In an impulsive break-in, June and Peter end up in a rich businessman’s house, Hardenberg, who was also the owner of the Mercedes Benz Jule’s crashed and is currently paying for. She is faced with multiple obstacles including the huge insurance claim debt because of the car, losing her job as a waitress and losing her apartment due to late payment. 

These youngsters despise how these people have to be so arrogant and assert their power over those who are in the working class just because they have a lot of money. The sense of entitlement of the bourgeoisie is manifested in the restaurant scene where the customers asked to take their orders back just because their brandy was not in the right glass, not to mention, the treatment of her overly domineering and abusive boss. In their dialogues, we feel the frustration and discontent the three had for the wrongs of global capitalism and their vision to change the system.

Because of a mishap caused by their friend, Jule, they are left with no choice but to kidnap and take Hardenberg into hostage. Bringing him to a mountain retreat, things get  more interesting when the three have a conversation with Hardenberg. They learn more about each other including Hardenberg’s past as a revolutionary teenager who worked his way up, and talked about how this revolutionary spirit in him just faded away through the years. It is a great movie because the other side of the story is heard as well through Hardenberg.

In the end, despite parting ways in good terms, even waiving Jule’s debt, Hardernberg pushed through with calling the police but before they could even be caught they had already flown to Spain. They left him with a note, “some people never change”, which was fairly true, even after all the everything he had learned from the trio about why they what they do, he still refused to see the point. Some just choose to see what they want to see and shuts off the predicaments the rest of the world faces. I think this scene encapsulates one of the most important lessons of the story. 

There are many themes portrayed in the movie like revolution, rebellion and even, love. The movie puts great emphasis on real-world affairs like the injustices of reality and the disparities in the system. Their anti-capitalist movement makes you want to question the system you’re living in, even your own values and the lifestyle you have. They aim to fight against the system and make these capitalists think with the messages they leave  like “you have too much money” and “your days of plenty are numbered”. The Edukators is a daring movie that wishes to explore and dive into political activism. It is truly an inspiring and thought provoking movie especially for the youth with these youngsters in pursuit of denouncing the evils of capitalism one millionaire home at a time. 


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