The Edukators: the Unedukated


edu3If there is one thing that I was edukated on from this movie, it is that I would not want to be one of the edukators. Though it can be said that they were fighting for an ideology that I also believe in, which is anti-capitalism, I do not believe they were able to carry out this revolt in an appropriate manner. In my opinion, an appropriate way for revolting would be presenting a solution to the problem. For me, messing up rich people’s houses, turning their furniture upside down, and leaving threating notes such as “Your days of plenty are numbered” does not quite hit the mark. Yes, it may scare the capitalists for a while, but eventually, they could just hire cleaners to clean their house or security personnel to protect them, and automatically undo the damage that has been done. After all, they are powerful like that. Because of this, the edukators’ form of “revolt” comes off as childish and immature, somewhat an empty gesture. It is melodramatic in a way that they find so much success and fulfillment in every house that they trash, as if it actually abolishes the capitalist system in the world. I know that other people might say, “at least they’re doing something.” But for me, what is the point of doing something if it does not reinforce your motive for doing it, anyway? The only effect that I can think of about their “revolts” is that they feel good about themselves afterward. It is ridiculous and selfish for me, a waste of time, and a waste of energy. Had they chosen to not make use of violence to propel their idealism, maybe their “revolt” would actually make more sense and make an impact on something.

Screenshot 2019-05-21 at 13.32.07Another reason which makes their “revolts” all the more nonsensical, is the fact that they even became indebted to someone they brought torment to. After kidnapping Hardenberg, they realized they really have no plan whatsoever, and the best thing to do is beg Hardenberg to not press charges against them for what they have done. Thankfully, he chose to stay quiet when he had all the right to sue them. Ironic, is it not? Not just ironic, but also hypocritical how the edukators preach about the common good, yet find themselves in a love triangle caused by a disrespect for someone’s dignity and trust. Jan and Peter were best friends, for crying out loud! If Jan and Jule could think of hurting Peter, someone who loved and cared so much for them for so long, how different are they from the heartless people they are so against?


When I thought about writing this review, I really did not want it to have such a pessimist tone to it. To be honest, I want to see the positive side of the edukators’ propaganda. I want to understand their motive in a more optimistic way. But sadly, I cannot find myself doing so. All I can say is, maybe the edukators are the ones who need to be edukated.

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