The Edukators

I found the film entitled Edukators is a very interesting film because of how it brought out an important theme and problem in today’s society. The story is about three teenagers who break into the houses of the rich and privileged in order to make them snap out of their selfish ways and indifference to the less fortunate. The film brings a realization about progress and capitalism, which is that it does not benefit everyone equally. It is the rich who benefit from this society, while the poor are left to suffer, and the rich seem to be uncaring of these people suffering. The theme of this movie reminds me a lot of my Theology 141 lesson regarding the inequality between the rich and the poor. Thoughtlessness and greed are one of the main roots of this problem because many of the rich just care about improving their wealth and benefiting themselves. Another contributor to this is that majority of the rich do not share the same experiences as the people suffering, and so it leads to the mindset that “if I am not suffering or being affected then it is not my problem”. This division and isolation from the poor leads to a inability to empathise and relate. One example of this from the film is Hardenberg whom they kidnapped because Jan knocked him unconscious for attacking Jules. When they take refuge in cabin, it is revealed that Hardenberg was a radical as well before in the 1960s and even the leader of the Socialist German Student Union. After marrying and getting a good job he later lost his ideals. Then later in the film we see that Hardenberg character starts changing and going back to former self. He even forgives Jules and promises her that he will not make the police come after her. This new experience for Hardenberg made him realise that he is not entirely happy even with all his money. He was able to reflect and change his mindset that a life full of riches does not bring meaning.

This film teaches us what wealth and material objects can really influence our perspectives in the world. It can close us off from caring about other people and our relationships. We may think that we need more money and possessions to be happy, but in the end we will not find meaning here. The film also shows how changing society can really be a struggle and even seem impossible. We saw how Hardenberg was a radical as well in his youth, but as he got more successful he succumbed to the temptations of wealth and greed. It makes the quest of the three teenagers seem like just a dream because of how imperfect society is. This film sends us a message to really reflect on today’s society because it is not a task that only three teenagers can solve. We need the cooperation of everyone in society to wake up to these problems and make the resolve to change these unjust structures.

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