Time Crimes Movie Review

I had low expectations for the film since they said it was a low budget film. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I originally thought it would be about a serial killer who was going to attack hector and his wife and that they had to find a way to escape. I even thought that the naked woman was bait for hector to go into the woods so that the killer could murder him. But as the movie progressed, it got more and more interesting. I like to analyze or predict the plot of movies so I was thinking the entire time that the scientist who was helping him was actually the killer just trying to lure him. So when he went inside the “big tub” and the man didn’t follow, I kept thinking ok hector is doomed because he just trusted the other killer. But I was completely wrong. When they introduced the time travel machine, I was more intrigued wondering how it would play out in the movie. I think one of the most shocking scenes in the film was when hector picked up the phone and heard his voice. I thought in the earlier part of the film that this scene wasn’t so important so it kind of really struck me. I was literally like woah! It reminded me of when I watched the movie inception and I would literally get confused about what the starting point of everything was. I think this kind of mind boggling situations just kept happening in the film. Like after seeing the woman in the bike who was the same naked woman in the earlier scene, I just kept thinking oh so this is how she got here. But then when hector broke his face and started wrapping his head with cloth, I realized he had been the man he was hiding from the entire time. This really made me so puzzled and I think at this point I was just really trying to understand what was going on. I couldn’t wrap my head around it and I kept thinking, how is he going to make sure only one hector lives? I felt so bad for the naked woman because she was literally collateral damage, she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was even being such a good person and trying to help out, she really didn’t deserve what happened to her. When hector 3 was finally introduced, I felt a sense of hope thinking ok I think he can save his wife and the naked girl because they were both still alive. I was also really curious about what his plan was going to be. I realized though when he made his wife hide that his wife didn’t really die. But then I was thinking who was the woman that fell then? And then it hit me that in the original scene where hector was trying the catch the woman in the roof, she was wearing the same chucks (converse) that the young woman was wearing. But why did it hector 2 think that it was his wife who had fallen. It all started to make sense in the next scene when hector 3 would instruct the young woman on what she had to do and when he put on the coat and cut her hair. At this exact scene, I felt so bad for the woman. It felt so twisted and deceitful. I already knew what was going to happen and still dreaded it because I didn’t want it to happen. The ending was sort of a cliffhanger where we don’t really know what events would happen. We know that the police was going to come but I didn’t know if they would be able to piece everything together. I really did enjoy this movie, it was one of a kind and completely unexpected. In fact, I find it funny how such a mundane day (which was how the movie started) could become such an eventful and thrilling day. It really did take a turn.

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